New Year 2020 – Where Are You?

Genesis 3:9 Then the Lord God called to Adam and said to him, “Where are you?”

In this passage, God is walking in the cool of the garden. The ancient language has the sense that it’s been a hot day and that there is now a cool breeze blowing. God is calling out this question. The pinnacle of His creation is hiding among the plants of the garden. Adam and Eve are hiding from the Creator of both man and garden.

God calls this question, not because He doesn’t know where Adam is, but because Adam no longer knows who he is. Adam is not just lost among the leaves, but lost now in his sin and wandering in his heart. Before the bite, he was joined to his Creator in a beautiful harmony. His soul communed with God and suffered no separation. Eve’s soul communed with God – no separation. Adam and Eve communed with one another – no separation.

Then, the bite – the sin – and there was instant separation. God was asking, “Where are you?” because Adam no longer knew where he was with God. They no longer understood who they were created to be. Pride, lust, envy, and all the other things that separate us from God and one another had invaded the Garden of Eden that was once the heart and mind of man.

On this first day of 2020, God asks each of us – Where are you? Not an accusation, but an invitation. It’s a sweet invitation from the One who knows exactly where we are and loves us anyway. He doesn’t ask – How did you get here? He doesn’t ask – How will you clean up this mess? He simply asks, “Where are you?” and we are invited, through Christ, to answer – Here I am Lord, seeking Your hand and longing for Your love. What better way to start a new decade than to be found resting peacefully in the arms of our Father.

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