Letter To The Veterans – by Tina Pleasant

This morning, I read this letter of thank you written by Tina Pleasant to all veterans and especially her father, Ellis Pleasant. Though Tina wrote it, I believe it expresses the heart of every little girl and every little boy that have a daddy who is also a veteran.

On this Veterans Day, I would like to thank every veteran for their service and what you did for this country. May God bless you and be with you always. And on this special day, I would like to honor a special soldier in my life, my daddy. He fought in the Vietnam War, as I’m sure some of you did. I can’t imagine what being in a war is like. All wars are not a good thing to have to go through. But I do know how the Vietnam soldiers were treated when they returned home. Some of them had families waiting and others only had the men they bled and fought beside. There were no bands and no honor guards to welcome them home. They went to war not because they wanted to, but because their country ordered them to. But, in the end, they fought not for their country or their flag. They fought for each other. They, who have seen war, will never stop seeing. In the silence of the night, they will always hear the screams. But they were soldiers once, young and brave. I dedicate this letter to my soldier and my hero, my Daddy; and thank God every day for bringing you home. Even through what you went through and what you lost in that war, still, to this day, you never stop fighting and you never give up. I love you daddy. You will always be my soldier and hero. I thank every soldier in here for your service and what you did for this country. God bless each of you on this special day. by Tina Pleasant

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