Thank You Is Not Enough

Today is Homecoming. None of this would have happened without the Blessing of Almighty God and the efforts of so many people in the church. People refinished furniture, loaned historical pieces, copied and framed photos, and printed memories. Others bought picture frames, registry books, and poster board. Still others cleaned the church, emptied trash, polished brass plates, and replaced light fixtures. Furniture was moved, the sanctuary decorated, and slideshows perfected. The play ground received a face lift and landscaping happened. The list goes on and on.

No one did these things to be thanked or praised. Many worked in secret and slipped away before being caught. Each person put his or her talents to work, using creativity with the sole purpose of serving the church. Their ultimate goal was to serve God and bring a smile to His face.

It’s times like these I realize that Thank You is not enough, but it is what I have. I appreciate the church I call Home. I appreciate the people who make the church that Home. It’s a pleasure to be part of the 80th Homecoming.

So to those who have worked so hard, prayed so hard, given so much creativity and talent to make this day a success I say, “Thank You.” It may not be much, but it really is all I have to offer.

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