Passion, not Possessions

Matthew 6:19 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal.”

Never allow your possessions to become your passion. “Passessions” fade. Passion never fades, but is forever. Allow your “God-ordained” passion to consume.

God gives us passion. Our passion may be art, writing, raising children, or building a business. God lays in each heart passion and natural abilities that lend to the realization of His purpose. None of us accidentally showed up here. God is not a god of accidents or wasted steps. He is a God of intention.

The world strives to reassign our passions to obtaining possessions. It’s one of the most effective tools evil uses. Rather than the possessions being a servant of our passion and purpose, our passion and purpose begin to serve our pursuit of possessions. We use our talents and time to gather things that will fade. They have no eternal impact.

Our passions and purpose must instead determine our possessions. When things begin to interfere with accomplishing the purpose God has laid in our hearts, we feel frustration, disconnection, and depression. Our spirit is communicating that we are off purpose. The bigger house, nicer car, and larger 401K isn’t serving an eternal purpose.

Possessions are the treasure of Self. These lead to emptiness and confusion. There is a lack of purpose and passion. “Why am I here anyway?”

Passion and Purpose are the treasure of Spirit. These lead to fulfillment, satisfaction, and, oddly enough, possessions that fulfill, rather than fade! Every possession serves the passion and purpose. Those that don’t are dismissed. “I know why I’m here.”

Never let possessions become “passessions”. Possessions pass, but Passion is eternal..

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