Thanksgiving – a day filled with food, fun, family, and fellowship. It’s a day to reconnect with many we haven’t seen in a while. It’s a day that will find some of us traveling back to our old stomping grounds, overflowing with the memories of years gone by.

Thanksgiving must also be a day overflowing with the giving of thanks. Prayers of thanksgiving must rise to our Creator. Words of thanksgiving must pass between loved ones. Thoughts of thanksgiving must be directed toward the blessedness of living in this great nation. Feelings of thanksgiving must be experienced for all who have sacrificed, in whatever way, for the freedom we experience today.

Let’s never get upside down. The food, fun, family, and fellowship all flow from a place of gratitude. Gratitude isn’t something we do… Gratitude is who we are.

Today, be grateful for opposite political beliefs – they bring different ideas. Today, be grateful for those who look different – they bring different traditions. Today, be grateful for those who speak differently – they bring opportunities to embrace others. Today, be grateful for the unkind and unloving – they offer to chance to love as Christ loves.

Gratitude is not about who others are, but who we choose to be. Gratitude is not a state of doing; it’s a state of Being. Today, let’s Be Gratitude.

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