National Day of Prayer Today

Both the Southern Baptist Convention and the President have declared today as a National Day of Prayer. Please pray with the following in mind:

Ask God, in His mercy, to stop this pandemic and save lives—not only in our communities but around the world, particularly in places that are unequipped medically to deal with the virus.

Pray for President Donald Trump and all government leaders—international, federal, state, and local—to have the wisdom to direct us in the best courses of action for prevention and care.

Scripture says—teach us to number our days carefully so that we may develop wisdom in our hearts. Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom in this moment of fear as the foundations of what we know are shaken, that others would realize how fragile life is and how real eternity is, and they would see their need to turn to God.

Ask God to protect our missionaries, their families around the globe, and all Christians in all countries, and to use this global crisis to advance His Good News to the whole world.

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