Sunday Service To Be Held March 15, 2020

Services will be held tomorrow at Old Lea Bethel Baptist church. Sunday school starts at 9:45 am and morning worship is at 11:00 am. Evening service is cancelled due to a previously scheduled event.

We trust our church family and know that each of us protects our brothers and sisters. If you decide to stay home due to flu like symptoms, have a condition that makes you vulnerable to sickness, or have a compromised immune system, please let us know how we can pray for you. We are family and you are greatly loved.

We continue to monitor this changing situation and are in deep prayer that every decision we make is in keeping with God’s Will and the dual responsibility of Spiritually feeding our church, while also protecting our members from risk. We continue to consider each upcoming event and are working to make decisions as early as possible based on new information as it becomes available.

Be blessed and be well.

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